“Thank goodness for Greg Young and his session on resiliency. I…was able to use some of the examples…that showed resiliency. I could have used [Greg for] longer that day, because…people didn’t want to leave the room. Many…were in tears and wondered why they had not heard of this.”Captain Cindy R. Caldwell
“Thank you so much! – not only for the training, but for listening to us bounce ideas off you as we get ready to go live with our team. The training was amazing — our team is so enthusiastic and motivated, we actually worked an hour over our scheduled ending time the next day because everyone was so into practicing debriefings and brainstorming what we envision our team to be! Thanks for the inspiration and for all your help!”Karla Gabor, Corrections Captain
“Thank you for teaching!! I know I can speak for the both of us that we feel very fortunate to have had you as an instructor. Your wisdom, experience, and sense of humor made the training enjoyable with information learned by all. We are looking forward to being a part of the team and are excited for the next step.”Libby Ohlson, Fire and Rescue
“I wanted to tell you, we had a critical incident the other day… We had a CISM Team member check in with the officers before they left, sent out an informational briefing to the staff, held a debriefing for the responding officers 24 hrs. later (facilitated by team members), and did a debriefing for the responding supervisors (facilitated by supervisors). It was amazing! And it was so gratifying to see it all come together! Thanks to you!”Karla Gabor, Captain, Waukesha County Sheriff
“[We] got great feedback about your presentation. I also enjoyed the parts of it that I managed to catch. I am a relentless optimist… I will also recommend you to the other State Executive Directors at our next meeting. Thank you for your service to the police profession.”Robert Stevenson, Pres., Michigan Chiefs of Police Association
“I have been to many good training programs over the years. Not only was the training really good, but it is training that the participants will use and put into practice. It is training that really makes a difference. Well done!”Greg Gilsinger, Dir. of Workers Compensation Claims
“[Greg] always does a great job and the reviews show it!”Capt. Christy Knowles, Ozaukee Co. Sheriff’s Office
“Thank you for coming. Your presentation was very impactful… I had a good feeling that several states would be contacting you after the Iowa APCO conference. You have a great opportunity to add a lot of value to the 911 profession.”Joseph McCarville, Iowa APCO President 2015-2018
“I recently attended the training you put together in Appleton on Jail Suicide Prevention. The video’s you showed during the training were very insightful along with all the other material you presented… I took a lot from your class and appreciate everything. It was worth the 4 hour drive to Appleton to hear you speak…”Sgt. Casey Brownell, Buffalo Co. Sheriff's Office
“Thank you for the wonderful training you provided our staff. It was well received by all. Again, thank you for making your way to our agency and bringing such a positive message.”Pamella Kernan, Dir., Clark Co. Dept. of Social Services
“I was blessed to pray before and sit in on your Resiliency presentation last Wednesday! I am equally grateful you are willing to share the presentation with me. As an instructor for Emotional Survival for Law Enforcement in our Academy, I have no doubt that your information will be a wonderful addition to what we already offer. ”Pastor Brian Thompson, Lead Chaplain/Deputy l Patrol Division, Adams Co. Sheriff’s Office
“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”Chrisanna Manders, Assoc. Dir., NAMI Wisconsin
“Thank you for your presentation at the D.A.R.E. conference yesterday. It was by far the most informative and entertaining presentation we had at this year’s conference. You provided us with a lot of valuable information that I will bring back to the Onalaska Police Department. …Thank you for all you do to help police officers and citizens!”Officer Leah Myers, D.A.R.E./ G.R.E.A.T., Onalaska Police Dept.
“I’m writing to thank you for the lessons you taught me in all of your courses… With your help, I’ve been a sounding board for many of my work family over the past two days. I’m really pushing my director to look into your resilience training for our leadership team. Thanks again, and please know that the work you do is so important!”Chris Becker, Waukesha County 911
“Thank you for the super presentation yesterday. I really enjoy watching teaching excellence in action. Your presentation was moving at times, funny at others and done in such a fashion to affect the “perspective transformation” necessary for adult learning. We have received very high evaluations from the students, they are ‘in the pipe’ towards participating in the paradigm shift called Trauma Informed Care.”Dr. Thomas P. Luzinski, Ph.D.
“Wanted to take a moment to thank FBI Chaplain Greg Young, M. Div., for the phenomenal training in Critical Incident Stress Management and Debriefing held recently at the HERO (Health Emergency Response Occupations) Center in Burlington, WI. A room filled with EMS, Fire, Military and Law Enforcement colleagues all of whom brought a different perspective to the table, yet united somehow as one.
We learned how to recognize and respond to critical, powerful and traumatic events that initiate a crisis response to persons facing tragedies as well as to “us”, the people who think they are exempt from negative psychological outcomes as rescuers. The utmost message we were given during training was permission, permission to speak openly about feelings…..for those working in these careers to be assured that it was okay to begin to show true emotions about how scenes may affect and impact “us” including our home life/families. For example, did you know that officers are committing suicide at alarming rates and lives wasted, possibly because one factor being somewhere along the line somebody said in order to serve others, you might lose a part of yourself – it just goes with the job. ? How many times if you hear of a tragedy or Officer Involved Shooting do you truly understand the multitude of issues that encapsulate it before you render judgement on it or said person? Do you really, really know? The conversation to keep those serving in HERO occupations emotionally safe is up to ALL of us! As Chaplain Young mentioned, “Most people will be ok if you can mitigate the impact of an incident and stop the psychological bleeding.”
Please take time to review Chaplain Young’s page as it is a wealth of needed information. It was a privilege to be in this classroom and to walk away humbled knowing despite what any of us face in life, we will never be reduced by it if we can maintain: charhdikala which translates into lifting up hope to self and others with relentless optimism and resilience. To that I say, 10-4.
Krista Chase, Psychotherapist
“I’ve been trying to find the time to get a quick note out to you since your last class (which concluded with a very deserving, well round of applause from the class participants.) You have a tremendous talent coupled with intelligence and compassion. I can’t think of any better set of ideal qualities for a chaplain to be blessed with! Kudos for an outstanding job! I thought your class addressed [our] issues head on, with great sensitivity and insight. Your delivery and content was masterful. It’s truly an honor to attend your uplifting and informative sessions.”Bob Duthie, Police Chaplain