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The “Cops Anonymous Podcast” is a place for active and retired police officers to listen, learn and contribute to the law enforcement community. Our podcast features real stories of trauma from real police officers sent to us through an anonymous email or voice recording. Your hosts discuss each incident and provide guidance with the help of our expert. This podcast is for the BLUE FAMILY to share stories about their struggles on the job. Some material is not suitable for young audiences.

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Episode 9 – Too Young to Die COPS Anonymous Podcast

After an officer responds to a call where a 14-year-old girl has taken her own life, she has to cope with the aftermath. How do we compartmentalize dealing with suicides professionally and how does it relate to our personal principles?
  1. Episode 9 – Too Young to Die
  2. Episode 8 – The Legend – Ralph Friedman
  3. Episode 7 – The Chimney
  4. Episode 6 – Scars
  5. Shenanigans 1 – Use Your Head

Hosted by Laura Frizzo, Jeremy Ogden and Greg Young with commentary and production by Derreck Ogden.